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3d Holograms: Becoming Necessity – 3D Hologram Stickers Manufacturer

Innovation and technologies have made our life much easier. Similarly the inception of holographic technology has made life of many people easier. The best use of this technology is in making 3D holograms by 3d Hologram stickers manufacturer, which are being used for various security reasons, whether it is an event ticket, ID, product or a product package.

A hologram is a three dimensional record of an original image, that is printed, rather we should call it, created with an advanced technology, and this technology is called holography. The word hologram is sourced from the Greek words, ‘holos’ and ‘gram’ which means ‘whole view’ and ‘written’, respectively.

According to a report, counterfeits rob almost USD 300 billion of rightful business turnovers, all over the world. And this is when the use of this holography technology came handy. The very concept of this technology has emerged from the requirement to have an authentic mark, which would be simple enough that even a layman can identify it. Along with this, it should be sophisticated enough to make it impossible to get replicated. The whole process of making it involves several steps like physical, chemical and the most important artistic.

The process of manufacturing these 3D holograms is so complicated, private, and secured that it is not possible to make an exact copy of a hologram.

Use of 3D hologram is not only becoming popular because of security and privacy reasons but also it is gaining popularity because it is now being seen as a way to enhance and maintain the image of a brand in the market. With the use of holography technologies, companies can enhance the image of their brand and products. They can let their customers know about their unique hologram, so that there faithful customers can identify their products among a herd of other competitive brands.

Apart from that, these holography technologies are also used for attractive product packaging, security, medical records Measurements and others.

The Holographic projection technology is basically of three types:

  1.  Laser beam technology: 3D image of the laser beam is by the use of oxygen and nitrogen when dispersed into the gas in a burning syrup-like substance and in the air to form a 3D image. It is basically performed in the air by a constantly small blasting.
  2. Interactive technology: This can be formed in the gas stream wall projected image along with interactive features.
  3. Full line shows of 360 degrees: This technology is the image in order to achieve a three – dimensional image projected on a mirror rotating with high speed.

Some of the ways, in which, the holographic technology is used –

  • Holographic Films: They are ideal in for flexible packaging and are ideal for use in the packaging industry. Wide holographic films are normally used for gift-wraps, lamination packaging, printing etc.
  • Hologram Tape: Hologram Security Tape provides a very high level of protection for envelope, cartons, boxes and others. They are tamper – evident protection. These tapes are used for all types of security applications like commercial, government, military and others.
  • Holographic paper: There are basically two types of holographic paper, first is aluminium metaled holographic with paper cardboard and other is a hologram coating layer transferred onto paper. They are basically used for packing cigarette, medicine, wine, etc.

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