3D Hologram Stickers Manufacturers

Changing technology has also helped the stickers and hologram manufacturers to adopt new and sophisticated technologies which have taken the safety feature of the hologram to a new level. 3D hologram stickers which are used by major companies to display their logo and other details are now in great demand.

3D hologram stickers are made using two layers of holograms stickers which places one of the layers above another creating an effect of depth in the image and displaying a 3D image. This technology requires a high level of precision as the layer needs to be designed with utmost care. Our company has team of experts who take care of these standard designing procedures for 3D hologram stickers.

We are also one of the 2D hologram stickers manufacturers who deal in both 2D and 3D holograms. 2D and 3D holograms are the most commonly used stickers in the market and are leading the pack in the stickers market. These holograms offer high visual impact and can be recognized easily.

Our company is also one of the reputed 3D hologram suppliers to companies throughout the India. These 3D hologram stickers are becoming major choice of consumers as they provide enhanced safety standards. These holograms are really hard to be imitated which enhances the reputation of the genuine products.

Lasersec is offering these 3D hologram stickers in various standard sizes and as per the need of the client. We are also offering customized designing and tailor made solution for our clients at reasonable rates.

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