Scratch Holograms Manufacturer

One of the latest additions to the team of holograms is the scratch holograms. All of us must be familiar with these holograms which are required to be scratched off to read digits or some vital information which are printed beneath these holograms. These holograms have become one of the most sought after holograms in the emerging market scenario.

Our company is manufacturing scratch holograms which are of enhanced quality. These scratch holograms are designed and developed by our professionals who undertake every process with great sincerity. Our manufacturing process for these holograms comprises of major processes and complies with all the standards set by the governing institutions.

These scratch holograms are widely use by telecom companies for their recharge voucher, pin codes, password for banks, lottery, discount coupons and many more. Scratch holograms enhances the security than normal scratch coating options. These holograms can be used to display some additional information or the logo.

Scratch holograms printing is also undertaken by our company which helps us to incorporate the company logo, name or other features in the scratch holograms. Customized scratch holograms are printed by our company to meet all the requirements of the clients. These holograms works on dual basis as these promotes the brand and also work as a scratch option.

As a leading scratch hologram manufacturers Lasersec is always devoted to offer its client scratch holograms in fully customized form. These are also available in the sizes as provided by the client. The scratch holograms offered by us are available at competitive rates in the market.

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