Security Holograms Stickers Manufacturers India

We are also manufacturing security hologram stickers which are used widely in various industries. These security hologram stickers serve as major safety features for many products and are used in packaging stage of the products. It minimizes the risk of counterfeit products in the market.

Security hologram stickers are one of the sophisticated holograms which are used in packaging. These are made using standard processes and have optional serial number, bar coding or printing features. These security holograms stickers with serial number can be used to denote the batch and manufacturing of the product. Some of these stickers also have the bar code which can display all the related information of the product.

Being a leading security hologram manufacturer, we undertake the entire necessary step to incorporate steps to make our holograms genuine. The manufacturing of these holograms is done under the supervision of the experts who use standard quality raw material to manufacture these holograms. These are tested on all the parameters which are laid down by the governing institutions.

Our security hologram stickers are designed and developed as per the requirement of the client and can be customized easily. These are available in various sizes to meet the end requirement. Most of the companies use these holograms as a trust seal or a tamper proof seal while packing their products. Tampering with the hologram leads to destruction of the hologram which easily alerts the customer about the tampering. These holograms serve as advance security feature for products.

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