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Hologram Sticker Manufacturer in India

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Hologram Sticker Manufacturer in India – Lasersec Technologies is the leading hologram manufacturer being used as an anti-counterfeiting device. We ensure a high-level secrecy and quality at each and every step right from production to delivery of products. We enjoy a wide network of branch offices in all the metro & major cities in India. We are also having business alliances outside the country in Srilanka, Malaysia, Nepal, Europe & UK.

Since 1998, Lasersec Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is focused on R&D and quantifiable Quality Assurance Programs leading the holographic security solutions industry.

We are driven by a perfect combination of innovative and leading-edge technologies, exhaustive product research and a highly skilled team bringing fortune to the companies associated with us.

Being widely recognized as a reputed manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Hologram Security Labels, Adhesive Labels, Stickers, Hologram Foils, we have always strived to uphold our corporate image by providing the better work environment and giving maximum value for money to our esteemed customers.

Why Lasersec as your Hologram Manufacturer?

Lasersec Technologies have highly skilled team of designers and creative people to create complex artworks with holograms so as to offer you ultimate protection against the counterfeiters.

Lasersec Technologies make sure the clients enjoy 100% efficiency with effective solutions to win their war against counterfeiters or duplicate. Here is a bird’s eye view on our service skills:

  • Time-bound execution of orders
  • Smart Human Resource with the smartest technology
  • Wide range of solutions
  • Wide choice of colors
  • Most Competitive budget
  • 100% Quality Assurance

Say no to counterfeiters and adopt the best tool for protecting your brand in this competent world, where quality matters.

Contact Hologram Sticker Manufacturer here

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Security hologram labels

Use of Hologram Labels for Battling Security Concerns

Increasing concerns for security issues are making holograms more and more popular. Security hologram labels and holographic sticker labels are of high importance to prevent access to securitized items and data.

High security organizations

Both domestically and internationally, the use of security hologram labels has increased over the years. Security hologram labels are a strong deterrent and a control mechanism to prevent access of important information or data, especially in high security environments. Sometimes, security labels are even used in controlling information related to national security as well. Since matching security label and classification is an easy process for filtering, it offers strong shield to combat against any issues of security lapses.

For instance, the badges with security hologram labels or holographic sticker labels that are imprinted on employee badges, serve as efficient security measure to prevent the entry of an imposter. Similarly, even for visitor’s id, special coding in security labels identifies them from the rest, allowing filtration and making security check easy and efficient. This practice is applied extensively by various multinational companies, airports and other high securitised organizations.

Departmental stores

The unique hologram imprinted on the security labels and holographic sticker labels is even used by several food marts or departmental stores as well.

Increasing cases of pick pocket and shop lifting has made several departmental stores and mall equipped with holographic solutions. Most of the products displayed in departmental stores, by way of food, clothing, decorative items etc. are tagged with special coded security labels, which when pass through the detector often trap the shoplifter. The special security labels may sometimes have either holograms or special barcodes, as pre the requirement of the client.

While security labels help in solving one aspect of the security concern, which is preventing access to data or items, then holographic sticker labels fulfil the other criteria in security. The holographic sticker labels helps in providing fool proof protection against the counterfeiters. When the holographic sticker labels are used on high security data records or items, they not only make it difficult for imitation, but also equally difficult to tarnish the authenticity of the product.

Electronic items

Electronics industry is also having a tough time combating with security issues and counterfeiter. Due to high rise of piracy of audio and video CD’s , several companies are launching their CD’s with distinct holograms or security labels with 2D/3D holograms that make it difficult for the counterfeiter to forge and sell pirated copies of the original.

The use of holographic sticker labels is also well pronounced in the several electronic items like laptops, adapters, mobile devices, IPAD’s, chargers and various other electronic gadgets. Since the counterfeiting mechanism too has polished and come up as sophisticated, the electronic item manufacturers are resorting to security labels and special holographic sticker labels that retain the brand image and also make the entire process of counterfeiting difficult and costly for the counterfeiters as well.

At Larsensec Technologies, we undertake manufacture of security hologram labels and holographic sticker labels to combat the growing security issues of various industrial sectors. Our security labels are of high quality, usually of international standard that are difficult to imitate and thus, help to retain the authenticity of highly secured data and items. For any type of enquiry, contact us from contact form.

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Anti Counterfeit Tags can Save your Company from Negative Image and Enhance Profits

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Anti Counterfeit Tags – There are of instances where companies end up losing lots of revenue due to presence of fake product manufacturers. This is rampant in almost every sector, including apparel, FMCG, skincare, healthcare, electronics and many other industries. The hazard of piracy keeps lots of top brands on tenterhooks. The unfortunate part is that these fake product manufacturers have evolved with time and they have become capable enough to replicate company logos, tagline and graphics with precision. This way they fool customers and make profits while genuine product makers report huge losses. You cannot count on traditional product packaging and designs to thwart their evil schemes. To evade such possibilities for your company, it is time you resort to usage of Anti counterfeit Tags.

When the products marketed by your company have hologram tag attached, you can gain multiple benefits. First of all, you need not worry about the products getting lost in the crowd of fake and similar products in market. Besides, the customers can find out the genuine products from counterfeit ones easily. To identify a hologram embossment, buyers do not need to be tech savvy as such. Hologram tags can be easily distinguished. These tags are very difficult to reproduce in exact form and safeguard your products from risk of duplication. Apart from visual identification, these tags can be recognized by computers. This offers your products an added level of safety.

With notable advancements in spheres of technology, cost of hologram tag production has come down significantly. You can take advantage of this situation and hire a professional hologram tagging agency to get quality Anti- counterfeit Tags for your company products at rates that do not bleed your wallet. Another advantage of hologram tags is that, they can be used without trouble with a variety of products. Whether you sell garments, foods or even medication hologram tags can be used with your products without any problem.

Veteran holographic tagging service providers can offer customized hologram tags for their customers. You can get hologram tags in various sizes. These agencies can also use your company symbol, logo and name within holographic tags. This gives your products a stamp of uniqueness. There is no need to worry about production cost hike owing to inclusion of holographic tags with your products. Professional hologram service providers can mass produce these tags within short span at a price that will not be a burden for you.

Before you hire a regional entity for hologram tag services, assess its expertise and track record. You can enquire about the technology it uses for hologram tag generation. It would be good if you compare and analyze quotes and packages of some contenders. Ideally, you should ask them for free samples of their work. To get lower priced deals on their packages, you can search online and explore the popular social media platforms. It is prudent to look for cost related factors and service terms before you finalize the deal. You can allot a small amount of products when you hire a company first time.

If you need Anti Counterfeit Labels to protect your brand for being Counterfeit, we can help you in this. Contact us here

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Holographic Sticker Label

Holographic Sticker Label – A Way To Genuine Products

Holographic Sticker Label – As we all are sustaining in the world of adulteration, where everything except human beings are worth of value. We have become so much mixed up in the environment, where we not at all believe in anyone or on any object easily. We doubt the authenticity of every object available today in our day to day life. Once a thing or a gadget is launched in the market, its duplicates become available in the market as well; and with this, it would be quite difficult for a common man to choose between the two. Not only the common man who is struggling with this problem, the companies and the government, as well, are also looking for some measures to stop this problem and also protect the people from being duped by all the fake products.

Most of the time, fake products available in the market attract more consumers than the real ones. Counterfeits make their business by befouling the common man and the market. To stop their forgery work companies are putting hologram labels on their products.

Nowadays, the reports of fake currency were also on the hype which increased the tension of not only the common man but also the government. To prevent from this RBI is proposing new holograms on the notes which can be easily detectable by the common man. Even day by day they organize camp to make the people more aware of their new holograms on the note.

The holographic sticker label and holograms are very difficult to forge as it needs expensive, specialized and technologically advanced equipments to create such images. After the cases of more fake currency, they are used widely in bank notes. Currencies of different countries have their own hologram on it. Many terrorist invasions into the country also raise the eyebrows of the security agencies. In the reports it has been mentioned that they enter into the country with fake passport and other documents. Aftermath, holograms are also used in passports, credit and bank cards as well as quality products.

Many of the Chinese products available in the market are not up to the mark of authentication. They are in demand for their cheaper price but it is a thought of worry for all the other products manufacturers. It loses the genuine service and the quality of the product and fails to attract more of the customers. No one wants their money to go wasted; if they are not sure about any product they don’t even block their money. Fake products increase the competition in the market. For these entire problems the only solution is putting a hologram label on each product.

Starting with a pen to the car every product available in the market has their own hologram label which secures their authenticity of the product and the company itself. It protects your inventory. Many kinds of hologram labels are available many in the form of dot matrix, 2D, 3D etc. many a company share the same hologram labels for all its products available in the market. Holograms could be anything any image, name, companies name, picture, logo or anything. It also gives uniqueness to the company and to its product and also save it from any forgery.

Apart from all these measures strict laws have been made against the one who is involved in all kinds of forgery cases. Everyone should be well aware of all the hologram labels and check the label of the company or the product before purchasing it from the market. Never purchase any fake goods as they are of lack of good service.

Summary: The counterfeiting in the market has risen up to a new level, it has become a threat several business houses. An to tackle this The usage of holographic sticker labels has increased to a new level.

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hologram paper lables

Hologram Paper Labels Wooing Customers

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Hologram Paper Labels Wooing Customers – With the availability of so many brands of the same segment of products baffles the customers about the products. It is not only problematic for the people but also quite worrisome for the companies as well. They really find it very difficult to maintain their individual identity in the market and also their authentication. Identical products in the market look the same to a layman and arises a big challenge for the company to prove or to show their product different from the rest. They hire various professionals, advertising agencies to make them different from others. This is not the only problem they have, the big tension is to serve their products from getting copied. And fake products damage the rapture or the image of the genuine product and brands.

To ease the process companies are now using holographic paper labels for their products and packaging. It helps them maintain the authenticity of the product and the brand itself. Hologram paper labels are used to advertise the brand or the product. A lot of space has been provided on the label where the company designs their respective terms or the content they want the customers to know. It is not only helpful for the company but for the customers, so they can well aware about the product and also make the best use of it. It can be used by a layman also. All the details of the products and the content are  prescribed on it, which doesn’t raise any doubt or questions in the mind of the consumer. It sometimes saves the time of the person who inquires about the product from some different means.

Holographic paper label is a yes to the entire question. It raises the brand awareness of the company and makes the product more attractive. The company spends a large amount on the label paper to make it more colorful; the more colorful label, the more it attracts people.

Companies consult advertising and designing agencies to decorate their holographic paper labels. It helps them to maintain their identity and makes them more reliable. To raise the demand and the sale of the product the product should be up to the max, attractive, useful. Mainly the product has been purchased by its looks that prove the looks means the label of the product is a very important part of the product.

If a product or a gadget launch in the market its duplicate were also available with them at the same time, at that pace it would be so difficult for a layman to opt between the two products which looks identically the same. To attract more of the customers companies lure the customers with many offers on their products. This is a marketable skill which increases the number of users. Hologram paper labels are one of the most attractive options the companies have nowadays.

Most of the time, the fake products available in the market attract more consumers than the real one. The genuine product easily copied by the man for mending good money. They make their business by befouling the common man, to stop them companies have their own holographic paper labels which are pasted on the products. Every label on the product has its own code and serial number of the product which helps to check any kind of forgery.

Conclusion – By holographic paper labels, companies can make their customers identify their products easily, if it is placed among a herd of similar products of various other companies. It is an easy yet an innovative way to maintain the brand identity.

If you are looking for holographic paper labels, we are here to serve you at best level. To get quotes regarding prices and all please contact us here.

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Promotional Hologram Stickers

3d Holograms: Becoming Necessity – 3D Hologram Stickers Manufacturer

Innovation and technologies have made our life much easier. Similarly the inception of holographic technology has made life of many people easier. The best use of this technology is in making 3D holograms by 3d Hologram stickers manufacturer, which are being used for various security reasons, whether it is an event ticket, ID, product or a product package.

A hologram is a three dimensional record of an original image, that is printed, rather we should call it, created with an advanced technology, and this technology is called holography. The word hologram is sourced from the Greek words, ‘holos’ and ‘gram’ which means ‘whole view’ and ‘written’, respectively.

According to a report, counterfeits rob almost USD 300 billion of rightful business turnovers, all over the world. And this is when the use of this holography technology came handy. The very concept of this technology has emerged from the requirement to have an authentic mark, which would be simple enough that even a layman can identify it. Along with this, it should be sophisticated enough to make it impossible to get replicated. The whole process of making it involves several steps like physical, chemical and the most important artistic.

The process of manufacturing these 3D holograms is so complicated, private, and secured that it is not possible to make an exact copy of a hologram.

Use of 3D hologram is not only becoming popular because of security and privacy reasons but also it is gaining popularity because it is now being seen as a way to enhance and maintain the image of a brand in the market. With the use of holography technologies, companies can enhance the image of their brand and products. They can let their customers know about their unique hologram, so that there faithful customers can identify their products among a herd of other competitive brands.

Apart from that, these holography technologies are also used for attractive product packaging, security, medical records Measurements and others.

The Holographic projection technology is basically of three types:

  1.  Laser beam technology: 3D image of the laser beam is by the use of oxygen and nitrogen when dispersed into the gas in a burning syrup-like substance and in the air to form a 3D image. It is basically performed in the air by a constantly small blasting.
  2. Interactive technology: This can be formed in the gas stream wall projected image along with interactive features.
  3. Full line shows of 360 degrees: This technology is the image in order to achieve a three – dimensional image projected on a mirror rotating with high speed.

Some of the ways, in which, the holographic technology is used –

  • Holographic Films: They are ideal in for flexible packaging and are ideal for use in the packaging industry. Wide holographic films are normally used for gift-wraps, lamination packaging, printing etc.
  • Hologram Tape: Hologram Security Tape provides a very high level of protection for envelope, cartons, boxes and others. They are tamper – evident protection. These tapes are used for all types of security applications like commercial, government, military and others.
  • Holographic paper: There are basically two types of holographic paper, first is aluminium metaled holographic with paper cardboard and other is a hologram coating layer transferred onto paper. They are basically used for packing cigarette, medicine, wine, etc.

If you want custom holographic sticker or labels for your products or company, please feel free to contact us through product inquiry form.

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pharmaceutical labels

Functionalities of Pharmaceutical Labels – Manufacturers in India

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You must have seen shining labels of medicines wrappers and packages, whenever you would have purchased prescriptions from a drug store. These attractive labels are there to protect the brand of the manufacture, not because they give an attractive look to the product.

These attractive packagings are called pharmaceutical labels. These are, generally, made by a specialized label manufacturing firm. These pharma labels are made specially for the packaging of medicines and other medicinal products and equipments.

Pharmaceutical labels, having quality decorative prints, are used to reflect the brand image and the presentation of the product or the medicine. These labels are made considering the requirements of the medicine maker company.

There are many other reasons why pharma labels are becoming popular among pharmaceutical  giants. Let us have a look at a few reasons for this, in following steps-

#Decoratives: Stickers and packagings are beautifully designed by experienced and creative designers. The reason why these labels and films are made attractive is in the core of the laws of marketing, which says, ‘Something that looks attractive gets popular’. Therefore, it is the main concern of designers to make these stickers, labels, foils and films as beautiful as they can, so that it may catch the eyes of the customers. There are brand logo, product details, important dates for the product, and a barcode printed on a pharma label. All this information is assembled an attractive manner, so that it may become possible for the customers to identify the product and to get all the information about it, without any meeting any difficulty.

#Safety: Medicines are made using various chemicals and components. Some medicines, if exposed, may get  transformed into something else or may lose the purpose, they are made for. If some injections and gels get exposed to the direct sunlight or atmospheric humidity, they, instead of curing the patients, may give harmful opposite results. And if such package of drug comes in a customer’s hand, and something bad happens to him, it will be the responsibility of the company. Thereby, it is very important for pharma companies to protect their products from such scenarios. And this is why pharma labels have become important for pharmaceutical companies,as these are made considering the importance and sensitivity of a particular medicine.

#Security: Apart from decorative and safety features, pharma labels are also used to prevent the cut-throat counterfeiting. The grey market of counterfeiting is at its extreme, and it is really important to give a safeguard to genuine products. Pharma labels are made using advanced technology and security measures, which make them impossible to imitate. It is quite difficult for the fakers to flood the market with their counterfeited products, if the original product is also there with a secured holographic pharma label. There are hologram and barcode printed on these labels, which are unique, and represent that a medicine is original and genuine.

There are many reputable pharmaceutical labels manufactures in the market that offer the most unique and secure films and labels for the packaging of medicines. Considering the privacy and security measures, it is advised that one should avoid partnering alien looking firm in order to prevent counterfeiting activities.

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2d holograms

2D Holograms A Safeguard To Your Products Against Counterfeiting Summary

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2 Holograms are a great safety, anti counterfeiting solution. They could be formed in the form of logo of the company or the name of the products. Using it is an innovative, low cost way to maintain the identity on the market

There is an alarming need to secure the market from counterfeits. Today, everything that is available in the market is not all genuine, whether it’s a medicine, soap, electronic appliance or food products. It arises a big tension to manufacturing companies as well as to the government and to the consumers. Many people are duping others by copying the genuine products that are highly demanded. The honest customers get befooled by all the fake products, and get trapped into fakes.

Even the companies find it really difficult to maintain their individual identity and to keep their authenticity intact. To keep their authenticity and reliability intact, they have started using 2d holograms for their product and packages. It saves them from being copied and makes their product look different from the rest of its competitors. The companies spend a lot of amount on it. Even the government organizes campaign at regular interval of time to aware the people about the cunning policies of fake brands and tell them about the holograms on the product which proves their authenticity.

Any fake product damages the rapture, recognition, value and the image of its genuine product. For the to-and-fro process of the company and to secure the reliability of the company, it spends lot of amount in forming and preparing 2D holograms. These are pasted  on the packages and products to make them more vulnerable in the market.

Now people also believe that the products having a hologram of their brand or the company is worth to be used with their eyes all closed. Counterfeiting has been a big tension to everyone that has any concern with the market; everyone that comes to market – either the manufacturer or the consumer.

Now even a layman understands the meaning of holograms, which are found only on the genuine, original products. 2D Holograms along with other holographic technologies have become a necessity for keeping the authenticity and reliability. Putting holograms on medicine is compulsory to save the. It raises the brand awareness of the company and makes the product more attractive, and unique. Even more, it is also a way of advertising a brand. Companies sweat out while designing their unique holograms for their products. A hologram has the brand name, logo, and some message, which the company wants to deliver to their customer, etc. Many experts or professionals are hired to do that task. There are even a number of 2D hologram manufacturing companies, that offer custom holographic safety solutions to various companies.

All the details of the products and the content were prescribed on it which not raises any doubt or questions in the mind of consumer. Even with the advancement of the technology no one wants to waste his/her precious time on finding the authenticity certificate of any product. They are more aware that to look on the brand logo and the 2d hologram on the product. There are other kinds of holograms available, out of all 2D holograms are more real as it is really very had to be copied and cannot be erased from the product. Holograms could be more realistic and could be any form whether in the form of logo of the company or products name.