Holographic Products

For Security, Anti-Counterfeiting, Promotion & Brand Protection

Our Holograms cannot be counterfeited. The transfer of the protective Hologram labels from one entity to another is impracticable. Because of a good combination of these qualities with high aesthetic properties, holograms have emerged and taken up important positions in the market of protective as well as promotional technologies.

Our Holograms Manufacturers are using different techniques of coating, finishing and embossing. Lasersec is the perfect place to avail tailor-made holograms at most affordable prices.

1) Holographic Hard Aluminium Foil for Blister Pack:

Holographic Aluminum Foil

We offer Holographic pouch in infinite designs with fascinating visual effects. These pouches are available in a plethora of traditional full color combinations, which makes them attractive.

Holography is described as a system allowing the light scattered from an object to be recorded and later reconstructed so that it appears as if the object is in the same position relative to the recording medium as it was when recorded. The image changes as the point and orientation of the viewing system changes in exactly the same way as if the object were still present, accordingly making the recorded image (hologram) appears three dimensional.

2) Holographic PVC for Blister Pack:

Holographic PVC

PVC is used for blister pack in pharmaceutical industry. We can fuse holographic effect in continuation at any particular spot depending upon the Blister Pack. The holographic strip can also be applied online during the cavity information on blistering machine.

3) Holographic Soft Aluminium Foil for Alu Pack:

holographic foil paper

This kind of foil is used in pharmaceutical industries for Alu Alu Packs. The foil comes with in-built holographic effect and can be very conveniently used during the packaging.

4) Holographic Paper Labels and Cartons:

Hologram labels

As the name suggests, this foil is fused onto a host surface by means of heat and pressure. The host surface can be paper or card board. And once applied, it becomes part of the surface; which can neither be removed nor transferred.

Hot stamped hologram is ideal for authentication as it cannot be removed and is widely used on Bonds, Share Certificates, and Bank Notes. We have installed a four color offset printing machine to produce the paper by a special hot stamping machine. We have the capacity to stamp holograms on entire labels and carton boxes in house. The holographic effect is transferred to produce half million finished labels per day in a single shift.



5) Holographic Scratch Coupons :

scratch holograms

The scratch holograms Coupons serve the double purpose. It proves the authenticity of the coupon as well as at particular point, it can be scratched. Scratch holograms are holograms that are willingly drawn by hand using technique discovered by Bill Beaty. The 20th Century Technology Museum exhibits couple of different ways to make scratch hologram manufacturers in india.

6) Holograms in Self Adhesive Form :

Hologram Security Labels

These Hologram Security Labels are very easy to apply and very useful on the products where the quantity is low or entire production line is manual. The holograms are supplied in sheet form with the silicon release paper.

These hologram labels are Temper evident. Such holograms cannot be removed and any effort to remove them result into destruction of hologram.

7) Holographic Shrink Film:

Ready to use holographic shrink films give further authentication mark for the product.

8) Quality Laser Stickers

it’s an age of high tech photo quality printers and enormously powerful graphic programs. All you need is quality oriented label or sticker materials without the high price tags. This will enable you to get the popularity of your business. You can easily have a fair stock of Self adhesive hologram label, Anti Counterfeit Labels, 3D Hologram Sticker from the market.

9) Anti Counterfeit Labels

Custom solutions utilizing the new technologies have become today’s trend. There are number of things that have come into existence with passing years. So do the labeling technology.  For example, Floating image technology had previously been reserved for secure identification documents such as passports and drivers licenses, but we use it in manufacturing Anti Counterfeit Labels.

10) 2D/3D Hologram Labels

A hologram is created by detaining the light reflected from an object and re-enacting it so the subject appears to move relative to the position of the viewer of the hologram. This is what makes a hologram appear 3-dimensional but in fact, it is not, it is a 2-dimensional representation just as an ordinary photograph.

11) Tamper Evident Holograms

We are one of the most sorted out manufacturers of different types of Scratch Holograms, UV Ink Printing, Hologram labels etc. In the same arena, we also manufacture Tamper evident holograms.  Our temper evident holograms are the innovation in tamper apparent technology.

12) Shrink Sleeves Labels

The power of our 360 degree shrink sleeve packaging and shrink sleeve labels has revolutionized product sales.  The food and beverage industry have speedily embraced shrink sleeve packaging in almost every arena.

13) Roll Form Labels

A good example of roll form labels in action are the stamps you buy in a roll from the U.S. Post Office. If roll labels are superior enough for the U.S. government and the millions of people who send letters everyday then they are definitely good enough to perform whatever job you have in mind. at affordable rate.inating visual effects. These pouches are available in a plethora of traditional full color combinations, which makes them attractive.