2D/3D Hologram Stickers

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2D/3D Hologram Stickers in India with Digital and True Colors

To give authenticity & a genuine look to the products and to stop counterfeiting them, manufacturing companies are using 2D/3D hologram stickers and labels. It is the easiest way to stop duplicity as manufacturers can apply them on their products. Additionally, it’s not simple to copy them for counterfeiters to copy them for marketing them illegally. The unique process of designing & manufacturing 2D/3D hologram stickers makes it difficult to copy and reproduce. 3D Holographic stickers are manufactured when a beam of light is reflected from any object and later it is re-enacted in such a way that the matter appears to be in a various position to the viewer. These are made in the form of long sheets with silicon release papers.

We provide the best quality and long lasting line of 2D/3D holographic stickers that serves all your purposes and helps in securing the products. Newly launched “Rainbow Transmission” technique is used by hologram stickers manufacturing companies, that uses ordinary light from 3-day replication. In this unique technology, a surface print is used in the plastic film that is followed by aluminium mirror coating. It generates a 3-Dimensional effect which is widely used in credit cards and security tags.

Another modification of rainbow transmission technology is the “Denisyuk” hologram stickers. For manufacturing these hologram stickers, a multi-colored image is copied and a white light beam is then used. This eliminates the use of backlight coating. These types of hologram options are costly for manufacturing companies.

Advantages of 3D Hologram Stickers-

Our 3D hologram stickers and counterfeit logos offers real-time solutions to manufacturers so as to stop duplicity can be stopped. Two-dimensional layers with images are used in our 3D hologram stickers and 2D Holograms Stickers. The replication of 3-dimensional images can be done easily which makes stickers and the label manufacturing process easy and symmetric.

Lasersec Technologies Pvt Ltd is the premier laser hologram and a 3D sticker manufacturing company in New Delhi, India that offers hologram labels, hologram foils, anti-counterfeit labels and infra-red ink printing with 2D and 3D hologram stickers. We cater to the various requirements of the manufacturing companies by making necessary changes in the production line. Launching products in an open market may lead to counterfeiting of products. Our 3D hologram labels and stickers are designed to meet this kind of problem. Our 3D hologram labels add value to your products and protect the brand identity at all levels. This helps in increasing the reliance on the products that they are genuine and establishes company’s name in the market.