Anti Counterfeit Labels

Anti Counterfeit Labels

Custom solutions utilizing the new technologies have become today’s trend. There are a number of things that have come into existence with passing years. So do the labeling technology. For example, Floating image technology had previously been reserved for secure identification documents such as passports and drivers licenses, but we use it in manufacturing Anti Counterfeit Labels. Our Anti Spurious Labels, Hologram Foil are one of the finest in the market.

We use different technologies in anti counterfeit labels manufacturing. Verification of our counterfeit label is completed easily in seconds, without having to use a tool, by simply moving the label to an angle relevant to the eye. The label’s customized translucent gray image makes this possible with an optically variable device (OVD), an overt safety feature which comes into sight to ‘float’ above or ‘sink’ below the facade of the label and then disappear as the viewing angle changes. The unconcealed images will also disappear when tilted to a large angle in any direction, thus adding another level of security and ease of authentication. Because of the overt technology used by us, images can be verified in most lighting conditions including badly lit areas such as dark hallways, diffuse outdoor lighting and dim nighttime lighting.

What makes Lasersec Technologies different from others?

You can place any information on the label like the cost; evidently it depends on the size of the label and the volume of data. The new floating image security feature is an addition to the inherent covert security of 3M’s Confirm authentication labels. When the label is viewed vertical to one’s line of sight with a concentrated, focused light source, its bright retro reflective background and custom pattern reveal counterfeits to the user.

We believe in delivering them with High Security and Seals. We offer the highest level of security against counterfeiting and tampering. We also do Anti Counterfeit Packaging having 3d holograms with Laser Sticker. Application of encoded particles on labels is also done by us. This application delivers positive identification that can easily be performed at any level of distribution. It can either be “covert” or “overt” in usage to meet the needs of specific customer applications. All, counterfeit labels are designed and manufactured according to the specifications. The labels may be made tamper-evident to indicate any attempt to transfer or remove the label. Our Anti Counterfeit labels are also able to work with your existing label supplier to incorporate the labels directly into the labels you are currently utilizing from your trusted suppliers.