Holographic Aluminium Foil

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Holographic Aluminium Foil – Laser Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides holographic aluminium foil in various sizes, shapes, color combinations and designs. Mostly, this kind of hologram aluminum foil paper is used in the pharmaceutical industry for Alu Alu packs. The holographic effect in the foil is inbuilt which is very convenient in use during packing.

Holography is a method of scattering light from an object that is to be recorded and reconstructed later, so that the object appears to be in the same position in relation to the recording medium. The change in the point and the alignment of the viewing system leads to change in the image. This gives an appearance as if the object is still present and this makes the recorded image look three dimensional.

There are various types of Anti Counterfeit labels available in the market such as self-adhesive hologram labels, 3D hologram labels, laser stickers, etc. The best suited packing used in pharmaceutical industry is hologram foil paper as the image of the hologram can be directly embossed on the surface of aluminium foil paper. This is a suitable way to engrave the hologram image on the surface of the holographic aluminium foil which makes it a perfect solution for packing medicine pills. The maximum width that of the hologram foil that can be embossed is 160mm. Embossing of a hologram is done by nickel shim that is a very cheap solution.

A dot-matrix hologram design master is created to check the luminosity of the hologram embossed. The hologram image didn’t shine as the hologram foils paper. Nowadays, holographic aluminum foil manufacturers in India incorporate hologram security also. We offer different types of hologram paper label solutions that suits for every type of requirements.

Choosing the Right Holographic Aluminium Foil Solution-

The decision to choose barcode label should be taken carefully if you are not confident about the aluminium foil manufacturers in India. If you are not confident about the services provided by the barcode manufacturing company, do not avail the services from it. There are evidences where the bar code manufacturing companies are not able to deliver the services up to the mark and the company has suffered losses due to this. Since the bar code labeling using the holographic aluminum foil technique is a complex task, the holographic aluminum foil technique cannot be duplicated. Therefore, this is the easiest way to save your products from being duplicated by the counterfeiters.

The Hologram foils we develop come with customized images of holographic aluminum foil can be printed using traditional printing techniques to assimilate with your packaging operations. These foils paper that are supplied by Holographic Aluminium Foil Suppliers can be used in different areas such as:

  • Tagger Foil
  • Blister Foil
  • Lidding Foil
  • Hot Stamping Foil

Holographic Aluminium Foil paper can be created in different designs such as 3D holograms and are created from flat artwork using specialized software. These holograms contain multiple hologram images that are placed one behind another that gives a 3D effect. This happens because each layer gives an impression to our eyes with the visual depth. Basically, almost every design or logo can be converted into a 2D or 3D hologram with depth and parallax. We can offer various types 2D and 3D artworks using different types of softwares. We can also break an existing artwork into color separations and layers that consists of 2-4 layers and up to 6 colors.