Holographic Barcode Labels


Holographic Barcode Labels Manufacturer & Suppliers in New Delhi

A barcode is a machine readable representation of data that is related to an object to which it is printed. They are represented by varying widths and spacing of parallel lines. The width of the line represents particular information about the prices of products. They are originally scanned by optical scanners that are able to read the information stored in the barcode stickers.

Barcode stickers can be printed on different types of products. Product manufacturers order for their own series of barcodes to keep track of products manufactured on a particular date.

Basic role of barcode is to stop counterfeiting or imitation of products. In addition to this, manufacturers are able to track their goods, when they are made. It also helps them to track any kind of damage in product batch so that they can keep check on the quality of product.

Printing of barcode requires special holographic barcode labels. It requires experienced barcodestickers manufacturers are required. The experienced barcode stickers manufacturer helps in securing the product line from duplication. It is a time taking process to choose holographic barcode sticker manufacturer in New Delhi, India. It’s always suggested to check thoroughly about the manufacturers and types of barcode stickers they are dealing with.

The clients need to be very alert while selecting the custom bar code label manufacturer in New Delhi, India. There are instances where the clients suffered because of fault barcodes that are generated and they are not able to track which product batch consists of damaged goods.

Barcode labeling using holographic techniques is complex and it cannot be imitated. Because of the complexity involved in the manufacturing of barcode labels, they cannot be duplicated and the products will remain safe.

Different Types of Holographic Barcode Label

#1.  Plain Barcode labels: These can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to cater to individual requirements of manufacturers.

#2.  Pre-printed barcode labels: Pre-printed barcode is developed as per the requirements of product manufacturers and are ready to be used for immediate use. This is helpful in fast moving consumer products where they are used on a daily basis.

#3. Product barcode labels: Product identification processes through barcodes are very normal. The barcodes are required to be bonded to the surface of the product. The barcodes are required to be in-use condition and throughout the life of the product such as in case of auto engines. There are other types of product barcode labels that are available in the market such as removable barcode labels. These can be removed from the product once the use is over. Other types of labels include eco-labels that are eco-friendly.