Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

holographic hot stamping foil

Holographic Hot Stamping Foil – The concept of stamping services revolves upon the use of dies or punches in order to create three-dimensional outputs. At times, it also extends to providing definition to a surface. Examples of which are flat sheets, letterings or foils. The stamping process may be pertinent not only to ferrous and nonferrous metals but also to alloys and thermoplastics.

We are one of the well-known service providers for Holographic Hot Stamping Foil. We produce different types of Scratch Holograms, UV Ink Printing, Hologram labels etc. The Hot Stamping process, which we use for making foils, is defined as the method of transferring an engraved image to a meticulous surface. Heating is an important part of the process because it makes the transfer possible. With the aid of a stamping die, the image is heated before it is transferred to what is called a marking foil. The marking foil on the other hand, leaves the ink on the surface where the image is being transferred.

When compared to other stamping services, hot stamping is favored because of number of advantages. It is bendable, which can be used in any type of material including plastics. Products such as paper, pencils, foils and stamping wire are a few of the outputs coming from the process. Additionally, the method is valuable because it is more of a dry method. There is no need to learn about complicated procedures like mixing inks just to produce the output from the procedure. The machine can be operated manually without much complex interventions needed.

What one actually needs to do is to attach the die to the plate. The foil simply needs to be loaded to the heated plate. Then, a part of the fixture should be left popping out. This makes the procedure more of an enduring one. With this, the output is said to be proficient of adapting to even the harshest of conditions. Using a metal die in the process will allow for branding, meaning, if the color ever fades out, the brand name will remain on the plastic.

The holographic hot stamping foil produced from methods are very much used. The foil comes in infinite designs with fascinating visual effects. They are available in a plethora of traditional full color combinations, which makes them attractive.

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