Holographic Paper Labels

Anti Counterfeit Labels

Holographic Paper Labels Manufacturers and Suppliers in New Delhi

Basic purpose of paper label is to promote and advertise brands of the company. There are various types of labels that are used by the company for their manufactured products. Hologram Paper Labels are used for building brand awareness about the products of companies. We can customize according to product requirements such as size, color, shape and material used.

Lasersec Technologies deal in custom paper labels of best quality. We provide durable, moisture resistant, attractive, smooth finished paper label. Hologram Paper Label provide various advantages. It helps you to save time, money and labor cost. These types of labels are used in various types of industries. Since these are designed based on a new technology, they are quality wise superior.

Traditional holographic labels have strip on one side of the hologram. Our custom paper labels offer hologram that are unique and helps in branding. Two different types of holographic labels manufactured by us are:

  • Holographic labels with stripes
  • Holographic labels with register images

Holographic paper labels are complex to design and have brilliant visual effects which help in revealing evidence of any kind of tampering. These holographic paper labels are very cost effective and give authenticity to the products. These paper label is used for

  • Brand protection
  • Labor reduction
  • Packaging automation
  • Continuous affixation

The holographic paper label that we manufacture come in various shapes and sizes that cater to the specific requirements of product manufacturers. Our expertise in hologram paper label manufacturing keeps the identity foolproof and adds security to products.

Why Choose Holographic Paper Labels?

The technology with which these paper labels manufactured are very complex. This makes increasingly difficult for product counterfeiters to copy paper label or to tamper it in any way. It provides additional security for products. Since this is a very cost effective measure to give authenticity to products, it can be used by any product manufacturers, small or large.