Holographic Cut Labels

Holographic Cut Labels

Holographic Cut Labels Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Lasersec India is one of the prominent companies that manufacture various kinds of labels. Thermo Ink Printing, Laser Sticker, Die cut stickers and Shrink Sleeves Label are a few of the products that are manufactured by us. We also specialize in manufacturing custom cut labels which come in different sizes like 10mm to 50mm. We also design fused edge cut labels from 10mm to 50mm in eight different colors.

A multi-part label includes a major portion stuck to a container or package and a detachable portion that separately stuck to the container. The detachable portion of the cut stickers is used for coupons or any other information that are matched against the other portion.

There are labels where the portion of the backing sheet is larger than the cut labels. This extension around the periphery of cut stickers helps in keeping the shape of the labels and secures them from damages. Most of the laser cut stickers consist of at least one corner portion of the cut stickers without adhesive coating. This is done to facilitate the separation of cut stickers from the backing sheet.

The design of cut stickers is concerned with multi-part stickers that can be adhered to packages or containers. Cut stickers have multiple parts. After fixing main label, the remaining or inner parts can be easily attached to containers. Holographic Cut labels are manufactured with a backing sheet to give them a base. Surface of the backing sheet is coated with an adhesive so that it can be adhered to any package or container.

The cut sticker sheet has a distinguishing mark on it that has pressure receptive adhesive on the back side of sheet. Dimensions of cut labels are not of the same size as the backing sheet. They are small in size and there is a gap between adjacent labels. Behind the labels, the backing sheet is cut inwardly, just adjacent to cut stickers so as to give an impression to detach from that portion. The closed cut lines are on the backing sheet which is situated on the cut sticker sheet.

The backing sheet of the cut labels provides support to the main labels and is meant to give a sustenance so that it would not be damaged. The new technology adopted by cut label manufacturers such as Lasersec, helps you to design custom cut labels that can fit according to the size of containers of packages.