Functionalities of Pharmaceutical Labels – Manufacturers in India

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Functionalities of Pharmaceutical Labels – Manufacturers in India

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You must have seen shining labels of medicines wrappers and packages, whenever you would have purchased prescriptions from a drug store. These attractive labels are there to protect the brand of the manufacture, not because they give an attractive look to the product.

These attractive packagings are called pharmaceutical labels. These are, generally, made by a specialized label manufacturing firm. These pharma labels are made specially for the packaging of medicines and other medicinal products and equipments.

Pharmaceutical labels, having quality decorative prints, are used to reflect the brand image and the presentation of the product or the medicine. These labels are made considering the requirements of the medicine maker company.

There are many other reasons why pharma labels are becoming popular among pharmaceutical  giants. Let us have a look at a few reasons for this, in following steps-

#Decoratives: Stickers and packagings are beautifully designed by experienced and creative designers. The reason why these labels and films are made attractive is in the core of the laws of marketing, which says, ‘Something that looks attractive gets popular’. Therefore, it is the main concern of designers to make these stickers, labels, foils and films as beautiful as they can, so that it may catch the eyes of the customers. There are brand logo, product details, important dates for the product, and a barcode printed on a pharma label. All this information is assembled an attractive manner, so that it may become possible for the customers to identify the product and to get all the information about it, without any meeting any difficulty.

#Safety: Medicines are made using various chemicals and components. Some medicines, if exposed, may get  transformed into something else or may lose the purpose, they are made for. If some injections and gels get exposed to the direct sunlight or atmospheric humidity, they, instead of curing the patients, may give harmful opposite results. And if such package of drug comes in a customer’s hand, and something bad happens to him, it will be the responsibility of the company. Thereby, it is very important for pharma companies to protect their products from such scenarios. And this is why pharma labels have become important for pharmaceutical companies,as these are made considering the importance and sensitivity of a particular medicine.

#Security: Apart from decorative and safety features, pharma labels are also used to prevent the cut-throat counterfeiting. The grey market of counterfeiting is at its extreme, and it is really important to give a safeguard to genuine products. Pharma labels are made using advanced technology and security measures, which make them impossible to imitate. It is quite difficult for the fakers to flood the market with their counterfeited products, if the original product is also there with a secured holographic pharma label. There are hologram and barcode printed on these labels, which are unique, and represent that a medicine is original and genuine.

There are many reputable pharmaceutical labels manufactures in the market that offer the most unique and secure films and labels for the packaging of medicines. Considering the privacy and security measures, it is advised that one should avoid partnering alien looking firm in order to prevent counterfeiting activities.