Use of Hologram Labels for Battling Security Concerns

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Security hologram labels

Use of Hologram Labels for Battling Security Concerns

Increasing concerns for security issues are making holograms more and more popular. Security hologram labels and holographic sticker labels are of high importance to prevent access to securitized items and data.

High security organizations

Both domestically and internationally, the use of security hologram labels has increased over the years. Security hologram labels are a strong deterrent and a control mechanism to prevent access of important information or data, especially in high security environments. Sometimes, security labels are even used in controlling information related to national security as well. Since matching security label and classification is an easy process for filtering, it offers strong shield to combat against any issues of security lapses.

For instance, the badges with security hologram labels or holographic sticker labels that are imprinted on employee badges, serve as efficient security measure to prevent the entry of an imposter. Similarly, even for visitor’s id, special coding in security labels identifies them from the rest, allowing filtration and making security check easy and efficient. This practice is applied extensively by various multinational companies, airports and other high securitised organizations.

Departmental stores

The unique hologram imprinted on the security labels and holographic sticker labels is even used by several food marts or departmental stores as well.

Increasing cases of pick pocket and shop lifting has made several departmental stores and mall equipped with holographic solutions. Most of the products displayed in departmental stores, by way of food, clothing, decorative items etc. are tagged with special coded security labels, which when pass through the detector often trap the shoplifter. The special security labels may sometimes have either holograms or special barcodes, as pre the requirement of the client.

While security labels help in solving one aspect of the security concern, which is preventing access to data or items, then holographic sticker labels fulfil the other criteria in security. The holographic sticker labels helps in providing fool proof protection against the counterfeiters. When the holographic sticker labels are used on high security data records or items, they not only make it difficult for imitation, but also equally difficult to tarnish the authenticity of the product.

Electronic items

Electronics industry is also having a tough time combating with security issues and counterfeiter. Due to high rise of piracy of audio and video CD’s , several companies are launching their CD’s with distinct holograms or security labels with 2D/3D holograms that make it difficult for the counterfeiter to forge and sell pirated copies of the original.

The use of holographic sticker labels is also well pronounced in the several electronic items like laptops, adapters, mobile devices, IPAD’s, chargers and various other electronic gadgets. Since the counterfeiting mechanism too has polished and come up as sophisticated, the electronic item manufacturers are resorting to security labels and special holographic sticker labels that retain the brand image and also make the entire process of counterfeiting difficult and costly for the counterfeiters as well.

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